The Farm Store

In 2019, we opened a farm store. It is a place where our community can come to purchase local, farm raised beef to serve their families. The display freezers are kept stocked with beef that has been USDA inspected and vacuum sealed for freshness. A variety of cuts can be shopped, and inventory is constantly changing as we have beef calves processed throughout the season. We are open every Saturday from 12-4pm. Located at 24405 Flanagan Rd Athens AL 35614


Ribeye $17/lb

Tomahawk Ribeye $17/lb

T-bone $13.50/lb

Porterhouse $13.50/lb

Top Sirloin $10/lb

Filet $20/lb

NY Strip $15/lb

Flank $12/lb

Skirt $10/lb

Delmonico $16/lb

Tri tip steak $10/lb

Flat Iron $14/lb

Top Round steak $9/lb

Other Cuts

Brisket $7/lb

Ground beef $6/lb *bulk buys of ground beef available periodically (20 lbs for $115)

Burger patties $9/lb (quarter lb size, 4 per pack)

Chuck roast $8/lb

Sirloin Tip roast $9.50/lb

Tri Tip roast $10/lb

Stew meat $6/lb

Fajita strips $12/lb

Beef tips $6/lb

Beef ribs $4/lb

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“The farmer has to be an optimist or he wouldn’t still be a farmer.”

Will Rogers

Contact Us

24405 Flanagan Rd
Athens, AL 35614