Beef Prices and Ordering

Our farm store freezers are stocked with pasture raised, lightly grain finished beef. All of our calves are born and raised right here on our farm.
Our beef is 100% hormone and antibiotic free.

When the calves reach slaughter size, we deliver them to a trusted USDA inspected processing facility. The beef calves are carefully inspected and processed. We choose to have our beef dry aged before packaging. This allows the meat to become more tender and enhances the flavor. After the processing is complete, the meat is packaged in quality, vacuum sealed packaging.

Our goal is to cultivate locally grown, wholesome beef and to offer it to the consumer at an affordable price. Locally grown should not = expensive. Check out our farm store price list below.

If you’re looking to stock up and save a little money in the long run, our beef is available for purchase anytime as a quarter, half, or whole animal. Contact us for current pricing. 256-710-8085

*Exclusively grass fed beef is also available. Contact us for more info.

Farm store hours:

We are currently operating a little differently, due to COVID 19 concerns. Our primary goal is to provide a simple but safe method for our customers to access farm fresh foods. Orders are accepted anytime via phone or text 256-710-8085 or via email at Once your order is placed, you will be sent an invoice. After the invoice is taken care of, designate your preferred pickup time. There is a contact free pickup station outside our farm store. A freezer is used solely for customers to collect their orders.

We are located at 24405 Flanagan Rd Athens, AL, just south of the Goodsprings community and a little east of the town of Anderson. We look forward to serving you!

Prices for USDA inspected selections from our farm store location:


Brisket $6.99/lb

Ground beef $4.50/lb – our package size is 1 lb

Hamburger patties $10/pack (four patties to a pack)

Roasts $8/lb

Stew meat $5.50/lb

Soup bones (marrow bones) $2/lb

Cube steak $6.00/lb

Liver .99/lb

Heart $2.50/lb

Tongue $2.50/lb

Short Ribs $4/lb


Porterhouse $13.50/lb

T-bone $13/lb

Ribeye $15.00/lb

New York Strip $13.50/lb

Sirloin $9.50/lb

Chuck Eye $9/lb

Sirloin tip steak $9/lb

Flat Iron $9.75/lb

Filet $18/lb

Flank $12/lb

Skirt $11/lb

Breakfast steak $8/lb

Kabob meat $8/lb

Round Steak $7/lb

*All prices are subject to change

*Steaks are packaged two per pack.

We also provide the option of ordering a quarter, half or whole beef. Our half beef order list is currently full. We do have a waiting list, with the earliest appointments available being sometime in early 2021. We apologize for the wait. Due to current circumstances, our processors are very booked up.

Please contact us with any questions concerning how to order whole or half beef. Just fill out the form below.