The beef we raise can be purchased directly from our farm. All our calves grow on our farm from birth, we never purchase animals from the stockyard. The only time our calves leave our care is when we deliver them to a local, family owned, USDA inspected processing facility. Our farm is stocked with various cuts of beef and is open 7 days a week. We do anticipate closing the farm store for the fall and winter seasons, beginning in August or September of 2021. We will reopen in March of 2022. Being closed during these fall and winter months allows us to better manage our farm. Getting prepared for winter and feeding cattle during the winter season is quite time consuming. Plus, we need to devote more time to raising our children.

As always, we are grateful and touched by your support and demand for locally grown beef and farm products. Local farming may be vital to our community, but we would not be able to offer “farm to table” without our customers.

If you wish to quickly pick up an order, we are glad to fill it for you and you can drop by at your convenience.

Here’s how the system works:

1. Place your order using the order form below, call or text Ashley at 256-710-8085, or send an email to *If you reach the voicemail box, leave a message and your call will be returned as soon as possible.

2. The invoice for your order can easily be paid online, or you can make other arrangements in advance. Once the invoice is taken care of, we will get your order ready for pick up at your preferred date and time.

3. We will place your order in our contact free pickup freezer, located at the farm store, at the appropriate time.

4. Collect your order.