Skirt steak: 3 meal ideas that beat the heat

North Alabama summertime. Super hot, super humid. No one wants to heat up the kitchen. Want to see how I feed my hungry crew during times like these? It’s pretty simple. I do a little bit of planning and heat the kitchen once, while creating about three to five dinner time meals. And this time I am focusing those meals on skirt steak. Don’t know … Continue reading Skirt steak: 3 meal ideas that beat the heat

Hamburger Steak

School has started back ’round here. That usually means that I need to put a little more effort into my meal planning game. During the day, our boys often ask what we are having for dinner. We homeschool, and I believe that their inquisitive nature may be directly linked to their desire for a break from school work. Their questions often remind me that oh … Continue reading Hamburger Steak

Endless summer

Ouch, oh ouch. That hot summertime weather is here in full force. This level of summer heat and humidity makes me wonder which of our ancestors decided this area would be a good place to live. I really would like to know who said, “Stop the wagon! This looks like a good spot to settle in!” I do know one thing – those settlers surely … Continue reading Endless summer

Farm kid summer

What does a farm kid do all summer? The number one goal is to avoid thinking about the coming school year! Yikes! Beyond that, here are a few things that a farmer’s kid might find himself doing during the summer: Pick a few blueberries 2. Enjoy eating things made with those blueberries 3. Catch a runaway hen. Even if it’s after church services and you’re … Continue reading Farm kid summer


Dustin and I recently celebrated our 13th wedding anniversary. And just a couple of days later, our luck nearly ran out. I’m not superstitious at all, but hey, it was quite a coincidence. Here’s what happened: We’ve been working cattle a lot lately. It’s a job best done when the weather is cool, so we’ve been taking advantage of such weather. It is a task … Continue reading Thirteen

Rolling on…

So, here’s what we’ve been up to on the farm lately: HAY. Hay, hay, hay. And more hay. Here we are driving to the hay fields. Here we are raking up all that hay for the baler to roll it up and spit it out. Sometimes hay raking requires intense concentration. Here we are wrapping more hay. You get the idea. We harvest and store … Continue reading Rolling on…

Hay, hay, hay

We got a lot done this week. Much time was spent harvesting and preserving our hay crop. This year we began using a different bale wrapping system. It tightly covers our hay bales in a thin white wrap. The purpose of using the wrapping system is to maintain the high quality of our wheat and rye grass bales. This means more nutrition for our cattle … Continue reading Hay, hay, hay