About Us…

We are Dustin and Ashley Peek. We have been raising beef cattle together for more than a decade. Dustin has been raising beef cattle with his father since he was a very small child. Being a farmer is a dream come true for Dustin and he takes pride in his occupation. Farming goes back several generations in both of our families. In fact, Dustin’s great grandfather provided his very own quality beef to customers in his country store in the early 1900s. We enjoy the lifestyle of farming responsibly and raising our three sons in this environment gives us both tremendous joy.

We are located in northwestern Limestone County and eastern Lauderdale County, Alabama. We believe that there is a desire for locally grown, wholesome food. The type of food that our grandparents enjoyed. Nothing mass produced. We want to provide that product to our community.

Our family works together in order to raise cattle properly. We grow all of our own forages to provide our animals with the very best sustenance year round. Our cattle are consistently monitored and provided for. Happy cows make tasty beef.