About Us…

We are Dustin and Ashley Peek. We spend our days raising beef cattle and our sons. We are full time beef producers in Lauderdale and Limestone counties, located in north Alabama. Our three sons are with us everyday, involved in whatever we are doing.

Dustin has been raising beef cattle with his father, Gary, since he was a very small child. He learned how to operate equipment at such a young age that he has no recollection of not knowing how maneuver a John Deere tractor. Many of his childhood days were spent riding a cotton picker with his beloved grandfather and hero, William. Being a farmer is a dream come true for Dustin and he takes pride in his occupation.

Farming actually goes back several generations in both of our families and its quite natural to raise our own children much the same way we were both raised. We do not know what their futures hold, but their childhoods are being spent learning all about hard work and where their food comes from.

The boys are always quick to complete their school work so they can be involved in farm chores. We are a homeschooling family. Balancing school work with farm work is second nature to us at this point.

We mostly raise black Angus cattle. Our cattle are treated well and appreciated. Part of that involves growing and harvesting all of our own forages. This provides them with top notch nutrition. Happy cows make tasty beef.

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