Afternoon adventures

The kids and I took advantage of the sunshine this afternoon. We love to roam our farm property. When our afternoons are not dedicated to helping Dustin with a job; we can be found checking on the animals or just appreciating the creeks and the hollers. After we finished our school work, which included a new zoology class that we are enjoying, our “class” headed outdoors to have some fun.

The last few days have been cold here in north Alabama. Quite cold, as described by southern standards. Thankfully, the weather in “these parts” doesn’t usually remain subfreezing for long.

Every afternoon we check our hens and collect their eggs. Our hens are almost like pets. The kids have assigned most of them names. I couldn’t tell you which one is which, but the boys insist a few of them are: Henrietta, Bitey, Cack, Cackaletta, Cindy, and Old Red. We’ve somehow gotten lucky and do not have a rooster. Our boys don’t yet know the fear that a territorial rooster can cause.

We also checked on our newest farm residents. Titus has two hogs! He is raising them for the 4H Pig Squeal show and auction. This is his second year to be involved in the Pig Squeal and he is very excited about the project. The 4H group in Limestone county is wonderful to work with and we hope to have many more years of involvement in the club. And baby pigs are SO cute!

Our sweet old goats got a bit of feed, as well. They are gentle, old girls. We are providing them with a retirement home.

Since the temperatures have been below freezing lately, we found some wonderful icicles to examine! The kids are always fascinated with ice formations that they find. I admit, they do look pretty neat!

After all, hauling a three foot piece of ice makes a great afternoon adventure!

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