Hello, New Year!

12 new chapters and 365 new chances. That’s a description of the new year that I recently came across. I like that idea. Our family doesn’t place much emphasis on making resolutions. Resolutions just aren’t our thing. Nothing wrong with them, if they are beneficial to you, but we choose to not make them. We do have goals and plans, and do our best with those. New chapters and chances sound encouraging. Gutsy. Unafraid. Adventurous. I suppose those words (and several other words) also accurately describe the farming occupation. Here are the latest adventures we’ve been on:

We have been working cattle. A lot of cattle. We got behind on this exhausting, never ending exciting chore during the fall season. Long work days have been implemented in an attempt to catch up. Cattle working is always an adventure. No two days are ever the same.

We work calves when it’s sunny, when it’s raining or when it’s just plain cold. Most of the time we have a nice time. If you’ve ever handled cattle on a farm, you know that occasionally there is a temptation to walk home from the barn or pasture. That’s just farm life, I reckon. If you’ve worked cattle and always had a rosy time, send me a message. I need to interview you.

Our family has also had lots of other things going on this month. Christmas cookie baking, for example. And touring some pretty, twinkly lights. Holiday things. Important stuff!

I personally find a brimming full mug of hot, black coffee to be never more important than it is during the holiday season. I know mothers everywhere understand.

Let’s not forget that we experienced snow this month! That’s a really big deal for a kid living in the south. Our boys anxiously watched the snowflakes fall and hoped there would be enough accumulation to play in. I’m certain the cattle did not share their enthusiasm.

I also did a big thing (for me) this month. I love the sport of running. Sure, running comes in handy when we are penning cattle. But I’m talking about road running. Or even trail running. I’ve been enjoying lacing up my running shoes for a few years (it helped to provide me with an outlet after the death of my father). This year, I began running a few races. Recently, I ran my second half marathon in Huntsville. It was a lot of fun.

Of course, our family greatly enjoyed Christmas Day. We always work hard on Christmas Eve to “feed ahead” so we can take Christmas Day off. The highlights of our holiday were visiting family, eating lots of good food and playing with new toys.

As we look back at the ending year, we are aware of the fact that we have been blessed far beyond what we deserve. We are grateful for another exciting year. And we look forward to a new year with anticipation. Our Muck boots and gloves are ready. Happy New year, y’all!

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