Remembering to be thankful

We’re firm believers that being appreciative should not be limited to the month of November. But let’s be truthful, it’s easiest to focus on our blessings when we’re reminded to do so. I have a sign that has been hanging above my kitchen entryway for years. Here it is:

One day it fell from its place. Just dropped right off the wall. I happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time and narrowly escaped being hit on the head as it fell to the floor. I picked up my little sign and assumed I probably should take a moment and reflect on my blessings. The sign was returned to its place. Honestly, I’m hoping it stays on the wall from now on. I do like my reminders to be a little more subtle than that!

Something about the holiday season tends to make us appreciative. More so than throughout the year. Maybe the constant flow of pie is key. Maybe it’s the family gatherings that recharge our hearts. Whatever it is, we have learned that being grateful and being happy are directly connected.

Here are just a few things that we are extra thankful for these days, in no particular order:

Healthy kids

Amusing animals

Good eats

Country roads



The ability to work


The ability to play

And this sweet life that we get to do together!

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