Change of plans

Ever had to throw the brakes on during life and make an emergency swerve? I imagine that we all have stories of coping with the twists and turns that life sends our way. If you’ve never experienced such, contact me. I need to meet you!

A few weeks ago, Dustin had a somewhat serious farm accident that caused us to completely re-evaluate our plans for the fall season. We spent most of the summer anxiously awaiting the arrival of cooler temperatures, so we could work cattle. Handling livestock is easier on them and on us when temps aren’t extreme.

However, after a bad encounter with a perturbed heifer, our plans changed. Dustin ended up spending a few hours in our local emergency room. He was released after it was determined he had several broken ribs and some major bruising. It could have been a lot worse, and we are extremely thankful it was not. It was a very scary evening. He’s back on his feet now, but it will be quite awhile before he’s back to his normal workload.

In the meantime, farm work really waits for no one to get well. So, we make the necessary chores happen. The boys are a huge help, and we are quite appreciative for the extra help that our family members have provided.

The boys have been able to make impressive equipment repairs, with Dustin’s guidance.

And they’ve helped me care for the cattle.

Our number one gate opener.
Samuel collecting grain bags.

Most days, much of my time is spent feeding hay with the tractor. Not a bad way to catch a sunset.

Dustin has been in charge of homeschooling duties. A major shock to his former teachers, I’m sure!

One recent afternoon, we made time to get away from our chores and let the boys enjoy some pumpkin patch fun.

A change of plans may be annoying, and recovering from a traumatic accident is painful. But, we choose to be thankful for life and grateful to have each other to enjoy it with.

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