Behind the camera

In our little family, I’m usually the person behind the lens of the camera. I enjoy snapping shots of our kids, pretty scenery, and life in general. The typical mom photographer. Making sure memories are properly documented is a mom duty, right?

Gorgeous sunrises and sunsets are one of my favorite things to photograph. Many times I have stopped what I was doing to photograph those. Farm skies are just irresistible.

One ordinary evening, we were returning home as the sun was setting. I asked Dustin to stop the farm truck and the kids jumped out. The sunset was particularly beautiful and I happily began taking a few photos.

The boys were enjoying themselves, talking to the cows and giving a few nose rubs. This herd of cows happens to be particularly friendly – we see them everyday. And I got some pretty shots.

As I was kneeling in the grass, I sensed a large guy slowly lumbering up behind me. I thought I would snap a quick selfie with him.

Got the photo, but apparently he wanted a little more than a selfie.

This happened in a nanosecond. I was completely surprised. Maybe he thought my hair smelled tasty? Our kids are still giggling about it and begging me to share the story with you all.

All in a day’s work, behind the camera.