Behind the camera

In our little family, I’m usually the person behind the lens of the camera. I enjoy snapping shots of our kids, pretty scenery, and life in general. The typical mom photographer. Making sure memories are properly documented is a mom duty, right? Gorgeous sunrises and sunsets are one of my favorite things to photograph. Many times I have stopped what I was doing to photograph … Continue reading Behind the camera

Second hay rollin’ and field trips

We’re somewhere in the trenches of what we call hay season number two. It doesn’t deserve a more glamorous name than that. By this time of year, hay accumulation has long ago lost its allurement. Dustin and his father have been working long hours for weeks to ensure that the cattle have sufficient haylage for winter. The end of the chore is in sight. It … Continue reading Second hay rollin’ and field trips

Skirt steak: 3 meal ideas that beat the heat

North Alabama summertime. Super hot, super humid. No one wants to heat up the kitchen. Want to see how I feed my hungry crew during times like these? It’s pretty simple. I do a little bit of planning and heat the kitchen once, while creating about three to five dinner time meals. And this time I am focusing those meals on skirt steak. Don’t know … Continue reading Skirt steak: 3 meal ideas that beat the heat

Hamburger Steak

School has started back ’round here. That usually means that I need to put a little more effort into my meal planning game. During the day, our boys often ask what we are having for dinner. We homeschool, and I believe that their inquisitive nature may be directly linked to their desire for a break from school work. Their questions often remind me that oh … Continue reading Hamburger Steak