Rolling on…

So, here’s what we’ve been up to on the farm lately: HAY.

Hay, hay, hay. And more hay.

Here we are driving to the hay fields.

Here we are raking up all that hay for the baler to roll it up and spit it out.

Sometimes hay raking requires intense concentration.

Here we are wrapping more hay.

You get the idea. We harvest and store a lot of grasses so that girls like her can eat this winter. It consumes a lot of our summer season, but after all, eating is pretty important.

We have also recently added a new pasture area for my laying hens. They are quite happy about their new quarters. My feathered girls have this neat game they play. It’s called bug-keep-away. They catch a bug and run all over the place as fast as they can, so no other hen will snatch it from them. It’s kind of like football, except with a bug and a beak. Well, and no end zone. I’m sure you get the idea. High quality entertainment around here.

And we have something brand new to the farm! Gasp! TURKEYS! They are a couple of weeks old now and are still under the brooder light at night. No one is allowed to make friends with these guys, though. They all have the same name: Thanksgiving. We are looking forward to seeing how this goes.

In between poultry and the hay fields, we have gotten plenty of rain.

Some of us even play in the rain! You have to have a little fun in between jobs, right? Sure hope all of you have time to play in the rain a little this summer! Thanks for reading!

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