Hay, hay, hay

We got a lot done this week. Much time was spent harvesting and preserving our hay crop. This year we began using a different bale wrapping system. It tightly covers our hay bales in a thin white wrap. The purpose of using the wrapping system is to maintain the high quality of our wheat and rye grass bales. This means more nutrition for our cattle and less waste of resources for us.

Usually we do the hay wrapping late in the evenings. When I’m hungry. And all of those big white bales begin looking like enormous marshmallows to me. Did you know I adore marshmallows? Toasted on a stick or squished in a s’more. Straight out of a bag. Any which way. I love them. Always have. Admiring all of those inedible marshmallow-looking hay bales makes me a little hangry in the evenings, I’m afraid.

This is what the hay wrapping system looks like.

It is kind of like a giant conveyor belt that wraps the bales. But, before we wrap the hay, we cut it.

And then rake it. We have a new hay rake operator on the farm. I introduce to you Titus, ten year old farm boy. He loves helping out.

We also have to haul the bales to the giant marshmallow machine.

After the bales are all wrapped up and tucked away for the winter months, we replant the fields in summer grasses. We will cut the fields and repeat the entire process in a couple of months.

Our hay season is long and hard, and we won’t finish until late in the summer months. It is very satisfying to be prepared for winter, though. Now, I’m off to find a bag of marshallows…

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