Where the green grass grows

That time of year is almost here again. Hay season. It’s coming. Farmers are getting their equipment ready. Replacing worn out parts. Looking over all of those moving pieces to prevent a breakdown that could ruin a day. Or a week. Checking on their fields to see what kind of progress their chosen grasses are making. Hoping they made the correct decisions months ago. Praying that all of the preparation and planning pays off and the fields yield what they need them to. Grow, fields, grow!

Here’s one small reason we spend so much time storing up hay. Meet Cheeky. The kids named her themselves. She may never win any beauty contests, but three really proud little boys love her. She’s a bottle calf that had to be rescued after she was injured as a newborn. She is healthy and happy now. Cheeky really likes to eat and receive back scratches.

She has this really neat ability to uh….lick her nose clean. I’m pretty sure all bovine can do this, but Cheeky thinks she’s unique. We’re not going to burst her bubble. Do your thing, Cheeky.

In farm store news, we are hoping to open our doors in two weeks. Our freezers have been installed and we can’t wait! Until then, we’re going to watch the green grass grow…

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