Yay for Spring and new things!

Welcome to our farm blog! I plan to post interesting farm happenings and news here. Thanks for joining me.

Things are busy as ever on the farm right now. And that’s just how we like it. Today is a rainy Monday, which gives me a moment to reflect on all the jobs we’ve working on lately. And the fun we’ve had in between.

Our spring calving season has exploded. That has been fun to watch happen. We raise our replacement heifers ourselves and watching them become productive mama cows is always satisfying. This year we’ve had a particularly large group of heifers come into production, so our fields are dotted with energetic, shiny black calves.

Gorgeous sunset. It appeared just in time – we had just finished working that day’s batch of calves

The last few weeks have been spent working a lot of our cattle. Its important to us to steer our bull calves when they are young. It is easier on the animal. And on us. Our kids are old enough now that they always tag along with us when we work the cattle. They are also jumping in and helping herd the calves through the chutes and pens. That makes this Mama’s heart smile.

We are eagerly awaiting hay season. Dustin has really put in some long hours to get our wheat and rye fields ready to produce some top quality hay. And thankfully the rains have been plentiful.

Rainy Sunday morning skies and green grass. A welcome sight.

What we are most excited about right now is our new business. We are so excited to be able to offer our own beef to our local community. You just can’t beat a steak that was grown right here in North Alabama. Feedlot steers cannot hold a candle to it. Watch for us to announce the availability of our beef in the coming weeks.

Thanks for reading. Til next time,


This is one of our Great Pyrenees dogs, Bella. She’s not very photogenic, but she’s great at coyote control.

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