Welcome to the farm

Welcome to Peek Farms! We are honored to provide our community with farm raised beef, which can be purchased by the side and picked up at our farm store.

The Farm Blog

Meet Hoss

He’s a special guy. His talents include being able to run fast, guzzle a bottle of milk, slobber on your leg and sweetly moo. Hoss may be one of the smallest calves we’ve ever seen, but he is currently the boss around here. Hoss was born on a snowy day. His size was every bit… Continue reading Meet Hoss

If I Had Only Known

Probably no one will find this hard to believe, but I have always preferred an outdoorsy life. I grew up with brothers for best friends and we spent our childhoods roaming our small farm and our grandparent’s property. Our parents took us on countless hiking, fishing, and camping trips. Adventure was my middle name as… Continue reading If I Had Only Known